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The first collection in our Nyleascarf Essential series, Elora is a no hassle, basic chiffon square hijab. Made from Pandora Chiffon which is a heavy chiffon, cooling & breathable, easy to style (awning forms easily and stay on point all day long), flowy and drapes easily.

Perfect for those who values simplicity whilst maintaining that modest elegant look.


Combo 1 : Buy 3 pcs @ RM 100 + FREE 1 PC ELORA

Combo 2 : Buy 6 pcs @ RM 200 + FREE 3 PCS ELORA

Pricing does not include postage.


  • Material: Pandora Chiffon
  • Label: Cloth Label
  • Design: Square Hijab
  • Finishing: Baby Seam


  • Bidang 45"
  • Length: +- 115 cm
  • Width: +- 115 cm


  • Level 3 (for Lychee, Eggshell & Cloud)

Note - Level:

  1. Totally see-through that needs an inner to cover the neck.
  2. See through that might need an inner to cover the neck depending on color.
  3. Semi see through that need double layer to cover the neck.
  4. Almost opaque and does not need double layer to cover the neck.
  5. Totally opaque.

DISCLAIMER: All photos are captured in a photography studio with bright lights from all angle. Colors may very due to each device monitor and settings. Photos has been captured to be made as close to possible as to the actual color. Slight variation may occur.

Melora Inner Snowcap are sold separately.



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