Washable Facemask

Washable Facemask

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 Washable / Reusable Facemask

Made from DRICHILL fabric material, tested and verified by the Malaysian Ministry Of Defence

for Antibacterial, Heat Thermal conductivity, Thermal regulation and Elasticity.





Is the usage of cloth face mask safe?

Yes it is. The usage of cloth face mask is safe & sufficient for low-risks-group, i.e. those who are not frontliners or deals with a person infected with Covid 19 on a daily and prolonged basis.

How does it work to prevent infection?

The face mask's dual layer design helps by acting as a barrier. It stops droplets/aerosol from getting in or getting out.

What is it made from?

A combination of Polyester, Spandex, Micro-Fibre & Cotton.

How often must it be washed?

Every time after use. It is not recommended to be reused without first washing and drying the face mask. If you are required to go out often, it is recommended to have more than one piece of face mask.














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