(AS IS) Labuh Khimar In Wheat

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Labuh Khimar for those who seeks a peace of mind and comfort in covering their aurah.

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How To Wear Labuh Khimar

YouTube video

Design Details

Material :

Premium Heavy Chiffon


Dual Layer Khimar, Butterfly Tail Shape Cutting (back), Hidden Niqab

Size :

+- 33 inches (from chin below)

+- 41 inches (from top of the head to the back)

+- 12 inches (face opening)

Opacity Level :

Level 5

(Level 1 - Totally See Through , Level 5 - Totally Opaque)

Defect Detail :
Pulled thread and/or slightly stained

* All product images are captured in a brightly lit studio. Colors may slightly vary.

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