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Fatimah Khimar In Ruby


Luxurious Velvet Silk khimar with two versatile styles, offering ample coverage and available in 8 stunning colors. Perfect for any occasion.

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Enhance your modest fashion with the Fatimah Khimar, made from premium Velvet Silk that is soft, flowy, and cooling. This elegant khimar offers two versatile ways to wear it—either traditionally or by tying it from the outside. Providing ample coverage that extends below the chest, it ensures modesty without compromising on style. Available in 8 beautiful colors—Black, Moonlight, Ruby, Mauve, Vanilla, Frosted Green, Periwinkle, and Pearl. The Fatimah Khimar is the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication for any occasion.

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2 reviews for Fatimah Khimar In Ruby

  1. zulianis66 (verified owner)

    Alhamdulillah. Sgt selesa, tutup aurat dgn baik dan material yg tidak panas👍♥️

  2. zulianis66 (verified owner)

    Alhamdulillah. Comfy material.
    Cover front and back . 👍

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