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Hijrah Handsock In Pearl


Covering your Aurah without restriction. Our most sought after Handsock. Lightweight and comfortable, you would not even remember you are wearing one.

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Nyleascarf Hijrah Handsocks Explained

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Hijrah Handsocks Design Details

Material : Premium Cotton

Size : - Fit sizes S - - XXL

  • Length : +- 33cm
  • Wrist Opening : +- 14cm
  • Arm Opening : +- 21cm

Finishing : Phatlock Stitching

Embellishment : NS Gold Charm

Hijrah Handsock - Special Offer


(Colors for free pair will be given randomly)

* All product images are captured in a brightly lit studio. Colors may slightly vary.


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16 reviews for Hijrah Handsock In Pearl

  1. etlovel (verified owner)

    Very satisfied!

    Saya beli nyleascarf setiap bulan, dpt sehelai pun takpa sy akan restock. Mmg sgt2 selesa tak penah pakai handsocks lain dah

    Hijrah Handsock In Pearl
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  2. Mylia (verified owner)

    Selesaa sangatttt

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  3. Saidah

    Bestt,, kain lembutt.. lawa sebab ada logo NS..😁

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  4. Nazirah rozman (verified owner)

    Tak Sakit!!!!

    Kain yg lembut,selesa.Jahitan yg kemas.Apa yg penting bg saya handsocks ni xsakit di lengan!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Hijrah Handsock In Pearl
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  5. Airin Abu Bakar (verified owner)

    Sejuk & lembut

    Sangat selesa.
    Materialnya lembut, getah di bahagian lengan tidak terlalu ketat, tidak mudah melorot.

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  6. Ermarieza Salleh (verified owner)


    kain lembut,tak panas,selesa..
    Saya suka....

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  7. Yazmi Afiza (verified owner)

    Selesa dan Kain Sejuk

    Alhamdulillah, handsocks yang sangat selesa, kain sejuk, tidak melorot dan tidak jarang.. inshaaAllah sy akan repeat order!

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  8. Haziqah Hasmi (verified owner)

    Great handsock

    Kain best sgt, tak melorot, tak jarang, kain sangat soft sesuai untuk i yang baru 1st time try

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  9. Nurhafifah Abd Rahim (verified owner)


    selesa dan tak panas

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  10. Nabilah Mohamed (verified owner)

    Kain sejuk

    Kain sejuk sedap pakai selesa tak gatal pun berbaloi grab masa promo teerbaik

    Hijrah Handsock In Pearl
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  11. Nurul Shuhada Bt Abdul Malek (verified owner)

    Lembut & tak panas..

    Dapat juga guna mass raya nanti..tak sabar, material sejuk selesa guna..

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  12. Nooraidah Sheik hussein (verified owner)

    Selesa sgt2 dan puashati

    Selesa sgt2

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  13. Azrina Azizan (verified owner)

    Nylea Handsock

    Material sgt terbaik..
    Lembut dan tak panas.. Tak rugi beli 😍

    Hijrah Handsock In Pearl
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  14. Azrina Azizan (verified owner)

    Hand sock

    Memang selesa dan tak panas.. Memang tak rugi beli💜

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  15. Suria Suriani Sulaiman (verified owner)

    Best sangat!

    Never experience such comfortable material as this! With the flexible band design it solve the common issue for hand socks to be loosen down

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  16. Nadhirah Syafiqah (verified owner)



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