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Hijrah Handsock In Smokey


Covering your Aurah without restriction. Our most sought after Handsock. Lightweight and comfortable, you would not even remember you are wearing one.

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Nyleascarf Hijrah Handsocks Explained

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Nyleascarf Hijrah Handsocks

Our very first entry into the Handsocks Collection, Hijrah is made from Premium Cotton - breathable, cooling, stretchable (4 ways) and non see thru.
We've also included an elastic band at the arm portion, to prevent slip when worn, perfect for everyday wear.

Hijrah Handsocks Design Details

Material : Premium Cotton

Size : - Fit sizes S - - XXL**

  • Length : +- 33cm
  • Wrist Opening : +- 14cm
  • Arm Opening : +- 22cm
  • Arm Opening (Stretch): (Max***) +- 30cm

Finishing : Phatlock Stitching

Embellishment : NS Gold Charm

Hijrah Handsock - Special Offer


(Colors for free pair will be given randomly)

* All product images are captured in a brightly lit studio. Colors may slightly vary.

** Please ensure the sizing fits you before purchase. Any request to change due to sizing (too loose or too tight) will not be entertained.

***Please ensure the top your arm's diameter is 1 - 2 cm smaller than the maximum arm opening stretch on handsock for maximum comfort.



12 reviews for Hijrah Handsock In Smokey

  1. farisha (verified owner)

    hijrah handsock

    kain selesa lembut dan rasa sejuk je pakai

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  2. Wanie Adnan (verified owner)

    1st time beli handsocks...

    Colour semua cantik2... kain lembut... selesa & tak panas...

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  3. Eiydah (verified owner)

    Kain best

    Kain sejuk je xpanas dan yang paling penting selesaaa!

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  4. Miza (verified owner)

    Material soft..suka sangat..puas hati..not regret beli..

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  5. Emyliana St (verified owner)

    Hijrah Hand Sock

    Kain lembut dan warna yang cantik. Tidak panas apabila digunakan. Saya suka material kain handsock ini. Terima kasih kerana menyediakan hand sock yang selesa digunakan.

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  6. Aisy (verified owner)


    Material lembut...x ketat sgt..sesuai dgn tgn sy..lembut...dan x gatal bhgian getah ats..serius best...sy mesti akn repeat

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  7. Bazilah Yusri (verified owner)

    Handsock nyleascarf paling selesa👍🏻

    Material kain lembut. Bila pakai tak terasa mcm pakai handsock sbb material kain tu rasa sejuk jaa walaupon cuaca panas. Yg plg penting selesa & terletak elok tak melorot. Pilihan warna pon nice👍🏻 Terima kasih team nyleascarf

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  8. Roza Noh (verified owner)

    Insha Allah nak beli warna lain pula

    Alhamdulillah sudah terima hijrah handsock buy 5 free 1. Warna semua cantik dan yang best sangat, ia selesa dipakai. In shaa Allah nak beli warna lain pula.

    Terima Kasih.

    Hijrah Handsock In Smokey
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  9. Syura (verified owner)

    Material best 😍👍🏻 Best..nanti nk repeat order lagi 🥰

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  10. Mardiana Hafizah muhammad hafizi (verified owner)


    selesa meterial ok..jahitam kemas..semua ok ok ok…sgt puas hati ❤️

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  11. nenny (verified owner)


    material best..sangat selesa dipakai

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  12. PUTERI AMNI (verified owner)

    Best Handsock

    Material sngt lembut Dan selesa dipakai

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