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Litup In Smokey Rose

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Litup Set for those who values Ready To Solat wear.

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Design Details

Material :

Ironless Crepe


Jubah, French Khimar & Half Niqab.

Ready To Solat Collection (Solat Friendly)


Wudhu Friendly

Nursing Friendly

Loose & Comfortable

Syarie Compliance

Size :

Please refer image for measurement

Opacity Level :

Level 5

(Level 1 - Totally See Through , Level 5 - Totally Opaque)

*Colors may slightly vary due to images are captured in brightly lit studio and different screen sizes

6 reviews for Litup In Smokey Rose

  1. Hanarida Abdul Moin (verified owner)

    Love the colour, material, design and everything...Masha-Allah keep on producing quality product

  2. Farah (verified owner)

    Happy sgt. Sy bru terbuka hati nak memakai pakaian yg menutup aurat dgn sempurna dan pakaian ni selesa sgt2. Doakan sy sentiasa istikomah🤍

  3. Haryati (verified owner)

    Smokey Rose - warna yg sangat lembut & cantik. Selesa dan suka dgn khimar yg senada warna. Semoga Nyleascarft dapat menghasilkan pakaian muslimah yg selesa begini lagi. 👍💐

  4. nenny (verified owner)

    keep on producing ready to solat outfit...may it be beneficial to all muslimah out there..

  5. Ika (verified owner)

    Sangat cantik dan selesa. Moga Nyleascarf terus hasilkan pakaian menutup aurat yg berkualiti di masa hadapan.

  6. Amalya Syuhada (verified owner)

    Love the colour, material and design. Super comfy thank you for this wonderful set sis 🥰🥰🥰

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