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Litup Khimar In Hazel


Litup Khimar helps to put your mind at ease with it's ironless, pinless, hassle free and great coverage. Covering your aurah in comfort.

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Litup Khimar Tutorial

YouTube video


Litup Khimar : 3 Looks In 1


YouTube video

Design Details

Material :

Ironless Crepe



French Khimar.

Hidden Niqab.


Loose & Comfortable

Syarie Compliance



Size :

Front Length : 30.5 Inches

Back Length : 41 Inches

Face Opening : 11.5 Inches


Opacity Level :

Level 4

(Level 1 - Totally See Through , Level 5 - Totally Opaque)

*Colors may slightly vary due to images are captured in brightly lit studio and different screen sizes

Care Instruction:

Washing machine safe. Hang to dry. Do not use dryer.

3 reviews for Litup Khimar In Hazel

  1. Asnah Ariffin (verified owner)

    Suka sangat khimar ni yg memang ready solat. Material pun sejuk. Recommended pada semua muslimah

  2. Anisah Binte Hassan (verified owner)

    Alhamdullilah. Material yg tk panas dan jarang sgt. Mudah digunakan. Sgt selesa dan labuh. 😍

  3. mama maryam (verified owner)

    masa mula² dpt khimar, very sceptical sbb tak biasa dgn material khimar tp lps pakai, rasa cantek sgt dan selesa.. terus in love dan nk place order lagi. design cantik dan modern look wpun bertudung labuh

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