(As Is) Medina Reborn in Tinkerbell

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Medina Reborn Semi-Instant Shawl

Medina Reborn the perfect semi-instant for you. Neatly stitched with a "V-Shape" elastic band at the face opening, you won't have to worry about your newly semi-instant hijab be ill fitting. The face opening fits perfectly despite the individual's face shape and size. In fact, this unique “V-Band” Stitching adjust accordingly to each individuals. Be assured you will not have to adjust the stitching of Medina Reborn's face opening.

Name of Collection : Medina Reborn
Type of Collection : Semi-Instant Shawl
Material : Chiffon Diamond
Finishing : Baby Seam
Opacity : Level 3
Width : 70 cm est
Length : 180 cm est

Hand Wash is advisable


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