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Hijrah Handsock In Anchor

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Nyleascarf Hijrah Handsocks

Our very first entry into the Handsocks Collection, Hijrah is made from Premium Cotton - breathable, cooling, stretchable (4 ways) and non see thru.
We've also included an elastic band at the arm portion, to prevent slip when worn, perfect for everyday wear.

Hijrah Handsocks Design Details

Material : Premium Cotton

Size : - Fit sizes S - - XXL

  • Length : +- 33cm
  • Wrist Opening : +- 14cm
  • Arm Opening : +- 21cm

Finishing : Phatlock Stitching

Embellishment : NS Gold Charm

Hijrah Handsock - Combo Pricing

Combo 1 : Buy 3 pairs @ RM 75 + FREE 1 Pair

Combo 2 : Buy 4 pairs @ RM 100 + FREE 2 Pairs

* All product images are captured in a brightly lit studio. Colors may slightly vary.

What Our Customers Say About Hijrah Handsock

8 reviews for Hijrah Handsock In Anchor

  1. Nurul Shariah Kamaruddin (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd time beli. Was waiting for this dah lama hehe. Tu borong lagi. I siap bagi present for my sister

  2. Jamelah (verified owner)

    Selesa kain sejuk tak berpeluh.

  3. Munibah Izhar (verified owner)

    Material handsock paling best pernah jumpa! Pakai berjam pon tak rasa panas & gatal langsung 🥰

  4. shuhaily ahmad (verified owner)

    Bought for gift. Packaging sangat bagus.

  5. Adilah Rashid (verified owner)

    Material lembut dan ringan, puas hati sangat... Lama dah perhati , tapi habis stok. Tu yang bila dah open terus grab banyak.

  6. Netty (verified owner)

    material sgt best, getah di lengan tidak menyakitkan, kain sejuk & tak jarang, insyallah boleh repeat order lagi, highly recommended 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  7. Dalila Zam (verified owner)

    Love the material and customer service yg friendly. It much better if Nylea boleh buat handsocks sedikit panjang lagi. Thanks and semoga maju bisnes nylea 💞

  8. Noor Anisah (verified owner)

    1st time beli... terus love.. material sangat soft.. pakai pun selesa.. In sya Allah nak beli lagi.

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